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Low alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is the biological hallmark of hypophosphatasia (HPP) 1,3,4

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Patients of all ages have a high burden of disease.1

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Devastating consequences. Lifelong Impact.

As a result of low alkaline phosphatase activity and defective bone mineralization, patients may experience any number of these unpredictable and devastating symptoms throughout life.1,3,5,6

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  • Dental
  • Defective bone mineralization can lead to hypophosphatasia-induced rickets, skeletal deformities, and frequent <span class='nowrap'>fractures.<sup>1,3,13-17</sup></span> Skeletal
  • Muscle weakness and pain, in combination with skeletal deformities, can lead to significant disability, limiting independence and activities of daily living. <sup>1,18</sup> Muscular/Rheumatologic
  • Bone demineralization can cause rachitic chest and respiratory insufficiency due to hypoplastic lungs, requiring mechanical ventilation.<sup>1,3,17</sup> Respiratory
  • Craniosynostosis can lead to a range of neurologic consequences. Additionally, because pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) is not dephosphorylated, it cannot pass through the blood-brain barrier, leading to vitamin B<sub>6</sub>–responsive seizures.<sup>1,6,19</sup> Neurologic
  • Hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria from defective bone mineralization can lead to nephrocalcinosis and progressive renal damage or failure.<sup>1,20,21</sup> Renal

Accurately diagnose hypophosphatasia

Alkaline phosphatase test

Low alkaline phosphatase activity can be detected with a routine laboratory test1,12,22

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Accurately Diagnose Hypophosphatasia

Misdiagnosis occurs often because the clinical presentation of hypophosphatasia can overlap with those of other metabolic disorders1,12,20,23

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Hypophosphatasia diagnosis in family members

Family members of patients may have undiagnosed hypophosphatasia11,12

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identify hypophosphatasia
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Low alkaline phosphatase is the biological hallmark of hypophosphatasia.1,4

Growth and development profoundly affect the normal interval for alkaline phosphatase.25,26
Assess your patient’s alkaline phosphatase
Patient and family experiences with hypophosphatasia

"The biggest struggle for me is the energy and keeping my pain at a place where I can still function."

"I first learned of hypophosphatasia when Abigail was diagnosed at 7 months old."

"I was born with it, struggled a lot through birth and my teen years."

"He gave me a blood test, and sure enough, my alkaline phosphatase was very low."

"We kept telling them . . . it’s not a nutrition issue, it’s something else."

"She looks like everything’s fine, when underneath there’s so many issues…"

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