Hypophosphatasia (HPP) in Adults

“How do I know if my symptoms are HPP?”

Everyone’s journey to discovering HPP is different. With many different symptoms, including chronic pain, premature tooth loss, and brain fog, it’s often hard to land on a correct diagnosis. But if you still feel like something’s not right, take the next step and talk to your doctor.

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What should I look for?

Well, there are a number of things…

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HPP may present as difficulties with:

Getting to and from work

HPP may present as difficulties with:

Running errands or doing chores

HPP may present as difficulties with:

Exercising or playing sports

HPP may present as difficulties with:

Keeping up with your children

HPP may present as difficulties with:

Standing for more than a short period of time

HPP may present as difficulties with:

Going up or down the stairs

HPP may present as difficulties with:

Staying awake while you work or care for your children

Getting Diagnosed

HPP is often misdiagnosed.

If you’ve been diagnosed with, or suspected to have had, conditions like rickets, rheumatoid arthritis, or another diagnosis with bone or muscle pain, you may want to have your doctor re-review your medical history.

Some common misdiagnoses of HPP are:


Osteoporosis/ Osteopenia

A condition that weakens bones and creates a greater risk of unexpected bone fractures.


Rickets/ Osteomalacia

A condition that causes bone pain and soft, weak bones.



A condition that causes fatigue, brain fog, and musculoskeletal pain.

The hallmark of HPP can be found with a simple blood test.

Throughout your journey, you may have experienced several kinds of tests. But when it comes to how HPP is diagnosed, have your doctor check for low ALP, because…


Persistently low
Age- and sex-adjusted alp

HPP Symptoms

One or more HPP


May be enough for your
doctor to diagnose HPP

If you or your doctor suspect HPP based on your symptoms and history,
a blood test to check your ALP levels can help your doctor confirm the diagnosis.* Check with your doctor for more information, only a licensed healthcare professional can diagnose HPP.

*After your doctor has ruled out other causes of low ALP

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